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In the Winter of 2022, Juxtaposition Arts was commisioned 
by MSP airport to create a large scaled design for MSP's first
ever Passenger Simulator Plane and West wall. 

The MSP passenger simulator is a resource for the navigating
MSP program, a partnership between the Metropolitan Airports 
commision, Delta Air Lines, Fraser, and the Austism Society of 
Minnesota (AuSM). 

The simulator was curated and designed for travelers with disabilities 
or special needs to practice onbaording an aircraft and preparing 
for takeoff. The simulator was also designed to be used for practice 
by Wheelchair attendants and for training service animals. 

Our JXTA team choose to title the artwork "equanimity". We choose
this tile due of the meaning and unquestionable power behind it's
name. Equanimity is an undisturbed evenness of mind, a mental
calm and composer specially during or in a difficult situation.

Both the fuselage and west-wall were designed to invoke calming
and serene aspects of the natural landscape in which we find
ourselves. The design combines gentle swoops and curves with
simple shapes in order to form a unified and comfortable space.
Both designs are meant to reflect metaphorical icons of hope and
optimism, while the cool and warm color combinations are designed
in mind of those who identify with neurodivergent communities.

Juxtaposition Arts Client Project
Creative Direction, Design and project managment: Taylan De Johnette
Illustration: Ethan N. and Greta Kotz 
Apprentice Collaboration: Athena Ali


Featured in:
Travel and Leisure (Link) 
Fox 9 (Link)
NBC News (Link)

May 2022


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