Taylan De Johnette is a Minneapolis Based Designer who originally hailed from the crowded
lands of Southern California. She earned her BFA in Design from the Minneapolis College
of Art and Design in May of 2019. Upon attending MCAD, She joined and co-ran student
organizations such as Black Artist Student Union who would later hold one of the first-ever
Black Student exhibitions on MCAD grounds (‘navigate’).  

In 2019, she joined the Studio #400 inaugural cohort ran and Led by Leslie Barlow and Public
Functionary members. She since has developed a deep passion for the socially innovative side of Art
and Design. She hopes to bring awareness to larger social, racial and political affairs all while
being relentlessly passionate about strengthening the voices of the unheard through her work.
Taylan’s love for Minimal Design, tiny type, color, and socially provoking art all  play significant roles
in her creation process. When not Designing you can find her being a hobbit in her apartment or
solving Harry potter riddles.


©Taylan De Johnette. All Rights Reserved