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Black Table Arts is a community driven arts cooperative located
in Minneapolis, Minnesota gathering black communities through
the arts toward better black futures. Complete with a bookstore,
shared workspace and a performance space(BTA) makes bold the
connection between art and grassroots organizing by providing
programs that invite local artists to see themselves as change
makers and organizers of their collective liberation.

Black Table Arts commisioned me to illustrate/ design a
conceptual interior/exterior space for their location.

Fall 2020


Black Table Arts believes art makes organizing possible. Without
creativity organizing doesn't have the breath or enthusiasm it needs
to sustain itself. Black Table Arts gives organizing room to breathe
for their communities fighting for a more just world. Cooperation is
a core value at Black Table Arts that speaks to the need of uplifting
solidarity and intersectionality while the organize toward a more
equitable world. “We must work together, to get free together”.

This speaks to the importance of abundant thinking they believe in:
if ‘we got us’ then we’re good. At Black Table Arts the ones who have the most stake in their organization are their people and their communities. Cooperation says we can ‘look to the future’ if we can look around and see who is gathered in our spaces.

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