In the Summer of 2019 I had a short run as a digital Designer for The
Brand Design Lab. 
The Brand Design Lab is responsible for the
branding and identity of over 25 brands across categories including
home goods, apparel, food and household essentials. 
I shadowed/worked
on the development of several Target brands set to launch in late 2020.  
I oversaw identity, navigational systems, logos and logotypes. 


A high-tech Fabric to be launched alongside Targets Top-selling home good
brands such as Threshold and Project 62. I oversaw the creation of an icon
that could function alonside the brands logotype.


A theraputic bedding brand set to launch late 2020 alongside Targets
I assisted in the preliminary designs, navigational and
identity systems. 

Trail Mix’d 

Trail Mix’d is a series meant to launch on Target’s Youtube platforms
to attract the Gen Z Generation whom don’t nessisarliy identify
themselves as loyal Target shoppers.Trail Mix’d is a Gen Z Driven
conversational series that highlights diverse interpersona relationships.
The Series is meant to Inspire personal expression and growth while
showing viewers how to live life with Joy and ease - specially through
moments of change. 


I oversaw all branding, Identity and Motion design for Trail Mix’d. As seen
through Targets Youtube platforms their distinguished use of Target Helvetica
was familiar and very prominent. In order to capalize off Targets already
exhisting identity I created a heavily motified custom Target Helvetic. This
way consumers and viewers don’t feel too far removed from the familiarity and
status Targets brand provides. I took this identity and applied it to secondary
marketing  adds and promo peices. 






Director- Michelle Intoccia 
Producer- Jessica Zerby 
Stylist- Carly Lietzke 
Graphic Design + Motion - Taylan DeJohnette 
Editor and PM- Cassie Navarro

DP- Joel Weber, Rikshaw Films 
Camera Assistant- Kieth Moechnig 
Sound Technician- Nick Wright 
Color Correction- Michael Sandness 

Strategist- Katie Chua 
Strategist- Ligia Guerrero 
Research- Karen Shi

©Taylan De Johnette. All Rights Reserved