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PWNO - Philips West Neighborhood

The Phillips West Neighborhood Organization (PWNO) is
a 501(C)3 nonprofit and is the officially recognized
Citizen-Participation Neighborhood Organization with the
City of Minneapolis. Their mission is to engage the diverse
voices of all those who live, learn, work, and play in Phillips
West in order to advocate for greater individual well-being
and community empowerment. PWNO aims to be an
inclusive and accessible hub of resources, information, and
connection  for all in Phillips West

In the Fall of 2021 Organizers from Philips West Neighborhood
reached out to me to develop several social and print-based
graphics that could accuratley represent the results of the
annual Philips West community survey. The survey results
showed concern around three major topics: community saftey,
afforable housing and food access. 

Fall 2021

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