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PLACES: Design and Research Fellowship 

As a PLACES Research & Design Fellow I was tasked with
participating in a community engaged creative process that
combines research, graphic design, visual narrative development
and public art development. MyFellowship required me to engage
in creative collaborations as part of the PLACES initiatives
connecting the SWLRT corridor communities through art
and culture.

PLACES stands for “public art and community engagement
Southwest.” It is an initiative to facilitate public art along the
Southwest Light Rail Transit (LRT) Corridor. Public art creates
places and historically it has been a vital part of our civic spaces
and transit amenities in the metro area. Federal funding for public
art in transit projects was cut in 2016, so SWLRT stakeholders
started gathering to discuss the ability to incorporate public art
into areas adjacent to station areas. The group consists of
representatives from the cities and counties the SWLRT will
extend through, Metro Transit, arts professionals, who are
invested in the future of the communities along the LRT extension.

My Objectives were the following: Raise awareness, generate
interest and enthusiasm amongst community members along
the SWLRT corridor. Generate positive media attention around
community-minded art as part of SWLRT in outside-the-box
ways. Develop and execute a diverse example of temporary Public
art that can engage and educate community members on the
development of the SWLRT extension and be moved amoungst
cities surronding the SWLRT corridor. Develop an effective Branding
and Identity package for PLACES that can be used for further their
iniatives and accruratly represent PLACES as an established buisness
of the arts. Substainable materials used for public art structure

Collaborators: Structural engineering/Design and fabrication - Irene Woods 
Branding and Identity Design, Structural Ideation/Fabrication
and Fabric work: Taylan De Johnette 

August 2021 - March 2022


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