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Since 1974, the all-volunteer Old Highland Neighborhood
Association has been working to build community and preserve
North Minneapolis. Old Highland garden is a community-based
garden for everyone. At the Old Highland Peace Garden,
neighbors have transformed vacant lots into gardens where we
grow food, and in turn, grow our community. Food grown for
everyone to pick what they need. Located on 1803 Emerson
Ave N. A community building space open to ALL!

Since 1974, the all-volunteer Old Highland Neighborhood Association has been working to build community and preserve North Minneapolis

Juxtaposition Arts Client Project 
Illustrations and Design: Taylan D. 
Design and Layout: George E. 

Winter 2022

Wooden Ship Brewery: Custom Label Illustration

Wooden Ship is a brewery located in South West Minneapolis.
Wooden Ship has grown into a seven barrel commercial 
brewing system with goals of brewing high quality beer that
is both true to style and outside the box.

This Summer Wooden Ship set out to collaborate with Local
artists in the Twin Cities for a new line of beer labels to  
debute late 2023. 


April 2023


Curiosity studio is a learning studio for adults. The goal of
Curiosity studio classes is that participants walk away with
tools to help them grow. It’s Curiosity’s hope that more people
recognize creativity as a tool for self-care as much as brushing
your teeth and a good nights rest.

Curiosity commissioned me to create 10-12 icons and patterns
in reference to the theme of versatility and growth. These icons
were created with intent to be used as social assets, sticker pads
and other relevant materials to be used in conjunction with their
Curiosity growth kit.

Summer 2020


Democratic Farmers Labor is the Minnesota affiliate of the U.S.
Democratic Party
. As of 2022, it controls four of Minnesota's
eight U.S. House seats, both of its U.S. Senate seats, the
Minnesota House of Representatives, and all other statewide
offices, including the governorship. Beginning in 2023, the party
will also control the Minnesota Senate, giving it full control of
state government. In the Summer of 2022 DFL reached out to
me to express their needs was in needs of a unique design for
merchandise to sell in their DFL booth at the Minnesota State
Fair. Creative objectives were to align with a message political
in nature that centers issues like voter rights, rather than a
specific candidate or campaign. The intent was to cultivate a
mix-up of bold, colorful imagery that carries a compelling
powerful message.  

July 2022 - 4 Color screenprint 

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