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Today, CURA (Center for Urban and Regional Affairs) is a
nationally recognized center that connects talented residents,
community organizations, government agencies, and researchers
to develop new knowledge about public policy issues. Ultimately,
this knowledge improves public decision-making, resulting in
smarter investments, stronger communities, and a better quality
of life for Minnesota and the nation.

The Blue Line Extension Anti-displacement Executive Summary
is now available! The Blue Line Extension has been in the works
for over a decade. For at least that long, corridor communities
have been challenging governments and private sector actors to
be considerate of the local population to ensure that they are
not displaced as a result of development. In response to these
concerns and to ensure the Blue Line Extension transit investment
benefits current corridor residents and businesses, Hennepin County
and the Metropolitan Council initiated an anti displacement initiative
and contracted with the University of Minnesota’s Center for Urban
and Regional Affairs (CURA) to work with community to develop
anti displacement policy and strategy recommendations, including
the formation of the Blue Line Extension Anti-Displacement
Working Group..

Visual assets include: Cover design, Interior Design/Layout, 
Recommendation design and presentation templates.

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